Fresh and Frozen

Fruit and Vegetables


The Highest Quality

We are importers and exporters of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables. Our offer is addressed to the food processing industry, as well as to distributors and wholesalers all across Europe. We care for the highest quality and accurate logistics of the delivered produce.

Domestic market

We have a long-time experience in trade and distribution of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, both on the Polish and international markets. We provide our customers with constant supplies of desired products of the highest quality. All this, thanks to cooperation only with selected and trusted suppliers and logistics operators.

European markets

Our operations are focused mostly on Central and Eastern European markets where we cooperate with the biggest producers and distributors of fresh and frozen produce. We are a big exporter of Polish fruit and vegetables. We observe increasing interest in Polish products in many countries (not only in Europe) and we are trying to follow up the arising demand.

Continuous growth

On the top of our core operations, we are always keen to find new business opportunities, both in the range of exports of the Polish produce as well as of distribution of the imported goods onto the Polish and other European markets. Each new business contribute not only to our growth but also to the increased knowledge and experience of our organization.