Arcadia Trade Company

was founded in 2012 as a trading office,
with its seat in Krakow, Poland.

Our long-time experience in the fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable business allows us to offer our services and meet the needs of our partners: suppliers, customers and receivers, while always maintaining highest business and ethical standards and low costs of cooperation.

In the future, we intend to become an important link in the fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable trade, delivering our produce not only onto European markets - but also beyond our continent.


Using our profound experience we want to deliver to our European customers fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables of the highest quality. At the same time we want to ensure that our suppliers receive a satisfactory level of sales which provides their further growth. We are aware of constantly evolving needs of the market what we consider a key driver for our development.

Our strengths

We are always looking for yet more attractive products and yet better logistics solutions for our customers.